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Metrics Dashboard (COVID-19)

Data on this page is collected from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services webpage which is updated weekly. Please note: quarantine decision are driven
by Waukesha County Health Department protocols.

The movement between instructional models will be driven by an ongoing analysis of internal and external considerations by our district leaders. The current impact/risk level of these indicators is shown below. The impact/risk level status will be updated on Tuesday afternoons unless a significant shift in data would call for a more urgent change. School-specific data is found by clicking on School Level Student Impact Details button.

More detailed information regarding positive cases and quarantine levels among students and staff as well as cases and burden levels in Waukesha County and the local area can be found on the pages below. This information is updated on days that school is in session unless otherwise noted.

*** UPDATE: 1.18.22: As a result of the new auto-import reporting system from WI Department of Health, we expect COVID-19 data to be temporarily elevated as back-logged cases are updated into the live system.

Local Area Zones

Data Resources

Waukesha County COVID-19 Dashboard

Follow these steps to navigate the
Waukesha County COVID-19 Dashboard:

  1. To access the dashboard, click here or on the map image below.
    You should see a map labeled "Active Cases by Municipality" (bottom-right corner).
  2. Click the arrows on either side of the map title until you see the "Active Child Cases in School District Boundaries" map.
  3. Click on the area that is labeled "Menomonee Falls"
    (pictured in light blue).
  4. A window will show you the number of "Active Cases by Age Range" and a total.

COVID-19 Wisconsin Cases