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Welcome to Board Bits! This newsletter serves as a summary of the topics discussed at our last Board of Education meeting. Our goal is to provide communication around discussions, actions and current events. Thank you and enjoy.

January 11, 2021 • Board of Education Meeting

The Finest

  • MFHS Principal, Bob Vitale introduced and congratulated our Advanced Placement Scholars for their extraordinary efforts in successfully completing their challenging AP coursework last year and scoring a 3 or higher on their exams, receiving college credits. The students who were able to attend the Board meeting virtually and share their aspirations included: Aditya Varma, Megan Timm and Siya Mahajan. Congratulations to all our AP Scholars for your hard work and dedication.

  • Director of Athletics & Activities, Brian Heimark and Assistant Swim Coach & Phy-Ed. Teacher, Brooke Jakobi introduced our Swim & Dive athletes who made it to state this year. Congratulations to Autumn Seebach and Rachel Ripke! Autumn Seebach was able to join us virtually as Coach Jakobi commended the athletes for their leadership and dedication.

  • MFHS Principal, Bob Vitale introduced and acknowledged Aidyn Pedersen for his accomplishment in achieving first place in a national Carnegie Mellon University Creative Task Challenge. Aidyn joined us virtually and shared his experiences in entering the competition. Congratulations Aidyn!

  • MFHS Principal, Bob Vitale introduced and acknowledged Andrew Rice for his accomplishment as the State Champion of the Microsoft Office Specialist 2020 PowerPoint Competition. Andrew joined us virtually to share his experience and aspirations. We are very proud to have Andrew representing the Menomonee Falls community this year.


  • Student School Board Member, Sahil Shah provided an update into the athletic arena of winter high school sports. Our teams have made tremendous progress over the past several weeks. The Boys Basketball Team is on a winning streak with recent victories to Kimberly, Arrowhead, Wauwatosa West and Brookfield Central. Our record is now 7 in 2. • The Girls Basketball Team recently beat West Allis Hale and Wisconsin Lutheran. Their record is now 3 in 8. • The Wrestling Team remains undefeated. Most recently we defeated Marquette in West Allis. • Good luck to MFHS Boys Basketball player, Seth Trimble, who is a nominee for the Wisconsin Athlete of the Week. (Votes are due Thursday 1/14 at 4 p.m. at
  • Student School Board Member, Sahil Shah shared Sara Booher’s report regarding current events and activities happening at the high school. Clubs have been very active. • In preparation for the FBLA’s upcoming regional leadership conference, members will be taking tests this week and recording presentations and speeches over the next few weeks. • Our first Robotics Team kicked off their season last weekend and demonstrated their past robots. • The Astronomy Club is new this year and provides a great opportunity for members to talk and learn about the cosmos • The high school library has new changes including new organized sections of books, weekly trivia and a mini golf activity before the break. The library serves as a nice hub for students to read and study. • The Hybrid students seemed to transition well from the winter break and are looking forward to some clarity in future planning for instructional models.

  • School Board Member, Cathy Olig shared her family’s experience with the virtual District Spelling Bee, the success of the Holiday Giving Christmas Tree, and the early literacy work of the Collective Impact Committee.

  • SDMF Superintendent, Corey Golla reflected on the National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day celebrated this past Saturday, and extends his gratitude to all of the officers who serve and protect in the community.

  • 4K and 5K Enrollment will take place on January 27, 2021 and February 3, 2021 from 4-7 p.m., by appointment only. Please enroll online and schedule an appointment to meet January 27 or February 3 to complete the next steps. For more information please visit our website

  • The digital Winter 2020 SDMF Newsletter is now available on our website. A modified paper copy will be arriving in your mailbox soon. You will want to check out the great information about our school district including information about our COVID-19 Response, the Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization System, a Recap of our AP Programs and many other great featured articles.

  • Over 30 community leaders meet this past week for the full Collective Impact Team meeting to find new ways to connect as a community. Our goal is to bring all of our resources together to have a positive impact on our community. The teams current projects include: Early Literacy, Dementia, Mental Health, and Fitness in the Parks.

Board Committee Reports

  • Policy Committee Chair, Faith VanderHorst, presented an update from the committee meeting on January 7, 2021. Topics included the discussion of:

-Policy 546.2: Families First Compliance Policy

-Proposal of new Policy 546.3: Temporary District Sponsored COVID-19 Related Emergency Leave.

  • Finance & Auxiliary Services Chair, Cathy Olig, provided an update from the committee meeting on January 7, 2021. Topics included the discussion of:

-The Committee Accountability Calendar,

-2019-20 Fiscal Year End Audit Report,

-2020-21 COVID-19 Operational Planning, Purchasing, and Estimated Budget Impact/Contingencies,

-Annual Lock-Down Drill Review,

-Draft Land Exchange Agreement with the Village of Menomonee Falls,

-District Office Security and Workspace Planning Update,

-2021-22 Budget Planning Calendar and Key Assumptions

  • Personnel Committee Chair, Michelle Divelbiss provided an update from the committee meeting on December 17, 2021. Topics included the discussion of:

-The 2021-22 Draft School-Year Calendar

-Families First Coronavirus Response Act Provisions

-Administrator Contracts

  • Communications Committee Chair, Keri Duce presented an update from the committee meetings from November 11, 2020 and January 6, 2021. Topics included:

-The Committee Accountability Calendar

-COVID-19 Communications

-Middle School Mascot

-Publications – Newsletter

-Alumni Database

-Board Communications

-Focus on the Falls

-Technology Webpage

-News Release on Tax Bill

-Holiday Cards from Riverside

-Social Media Platform

-Strategic Communications

-Turf Improvements

-The Military Wall at MFHS

Legislative Update

  • Board Vice-President, Keri Duce updated the Board on Legislative Items:

-SWSA: State Superintendent Candidates have been presenting to the group.

-January 5, 2021 the new lawmakers were sworn in to the State of Wisconsin.

-WASB updates: Federal Cares Act Extension money for K12 approved.

-Assembly GOP introduced a COVID-19 Bill.

-WASB Provisions regarding virtual instruction and authorizations.

-WASB Provisions regarding student movement between school districts.

-WASB Provisions regarding participation in athletics and extracurricular activities.

-WASB School Board Convention is next week, virtually.

Discussion Items

  • MFSD Superintendent, Corey Golla discussed our COVID-19 Response Plan based on our current school status report of positive case rates among students and staff, quarantine levels and an analysis of local and internal spread. The surveys are showing families are feeling confident in how we are responding and are concerned about their child falling behind in school. Next week the plan is to plan to bring back grades 3-5 at Riverside and Valley View for In-person Learning, 5 days a week. This will start on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, providing our internal data remains stable. Should we remain healthy, considerations are being discussed to bring back the middle school and high school students at the semester break.

  • Director of Finance and Auxiliary, Keith Brightman lead the discussion for Open Enrollment Seats for 2021-22 and Preliminary Enrollment Projections.

  • Director of Finance and Auxiliary, Keith Brightman, presented a draft of the Land Exchange Agreement with the Village of Menomonee Falls.

  • MFSD Superintendent, Corey Golla provided an update with the 2021 Spring School Board Candidates running to the two open seats on the Board of Education. The candidates include: John Booher, Keri L. Duce, Lowell Wm. Kellogg and Jennifer Grant. The election will take place on April 6, 2021.

  • Director of Human Resources, Leia Scoptur, discussed Board Policy 546.2: Families First Compliance Policy which expired on December 31, 2020. The administration recommends striking Board of Education Policy 546.2 and would like the Board to consideration a new policy to provide a temporary district sponsored COVID-19 related emergency leave.

Action Items

  • Motion approved for the Resolution Providing for the Sale of approximately $8,350,000 General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2021A.

  • Motion approved for the updates to Board Policy 654: General Fund Balance.

  • Motion approved for the updates to Board Policy 547: Grievance Procedure.

  • Motion approved to strike Board Policy 546.2: Families First Compliance Policy.

  • Motion approved to add Board Policy 546.3: Temporary District Sponsored COVI-19 Related Emergency Leave.

  • Motion approved to process vouchers payable through January 7, 2021.

Shout Outs

  • Thank you to our School Resource Officers Scott Holz and Officer Nick Gabinski for keeping our students and staff safe and being great partners in our work. We appreciate all you do!

  • Thank you to all the responders who helped with the medical emergency at the high school this past Saturday regarding a player from the opposing team; we are happy to report he is doing well. We train for these situations and hope we never have to use our training. We are extremely thankful for the trainers, the staff on site, the announcer, the coaches, the athletic director, Mr. Vitale, and the families attending the game for their assistance.

  • Thank you to the Menomonee Falls community. Over the holidays we received a very generous anonymous donation of $2,474 to cover the outstanding lunch balance that was carried over from the 2019-2020 school year. This will help 157 families in our district. This donation is truly appreciated and reflects the strong support we receive from our Menomonee Falls community.

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Thank you from Board Members:

Faith VanderHorst, President

Keri Duce, Vice-President

Cathy Olig, Treasurer

Michele Divelbiss, Clerk

David Noshay

Melinda McShane

Eric Pelzer