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Board Committees

Board committee meetings are live streamed on the the SDMF YouTube channel. Please click the button to access the recording.

Personnel Committee Members:

  • Keri Duce, Jennifer Grant and Joel Woppert

Finance & Auxiliary Services Committee Members:
  • Jennifer Grant (chair), Keri Duce and Shelley Holzman
Curriculum & Learning Committee Members:
  • Nina Christensen, Sarah Renn, and Chris Stueland

Policy Committee Members:

Communications Committee Members:
  • Shelley Holzman (chair), Sarah Renn and Chris Stueland

Other Appointments:

CESA Representative: Joe Woppert

Southeastern Wisconsin School Alliance: Keri Duce

WASB Delegate: Sarah Renn

Awards Committee: Full Board of Education

Human Growth and Development: Curriculum & Learning Committee

Negotiations (if needed): Personnel Committee