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Distinguished Service Award

The Menomonee Falls Board of Education established the “Distinguished Service Award” in 2002 to honor those individuals who have given graciously of their time and talents over a number of years to the improvement of the School District of Menomonee Falls and the community as a whole.

Given only once a year, the “Distinguished Service Award” is the highest honor the Board of Education bestows on members of the community.

The recipients of this award are community members, educators, or other individuals who have made significant contributions to the School District of Menomonee Falls students and staff, or the Menomonee Falls community as a whole.

Modeled after James Hollenhorst, who was the first recipient of the award, the honor is presented to an individual who has given freely and graciously to the support of the School District of Menomonee Falls’ goals and whose efforts have helped improve student learning and professional development for District staff.

The “Distinguished Service Award” is awarded to those individuals or organizations who have proven to be leaders in bringing about positive and meaningful educational change.

Community League of Menomonee Falls Nominated by: Amber Montague, Michelle Olson, Sally Pallan, and Felicia Perkins, the school social workers within the district

It is with great pleasure that Amber Montague, Michelle Olson, Sally Pallan, and Felicia Perkins, the school social workers within the district, would like to recognize The Community League of Menomonee Falls with the Distinguished Service Award.

Over the years, the Community League has been incredibly kind and generous to our students, families, and school community. They have shown unwavering support throughout our district and have worked diligently to establish strong connections with the school social workers at each building. Every month, The Community League offers financial support to our students and families in need by providing gift cards. They have also been instrumental in helping students whose families do not have vision insurance pay for eye exams and if need be, prescription eyeglasses. Additionally, they have collected clothing and school supplies for our district-wide Resource Reach Out Room and created care packages for our families during the holidays.

The Community League has worked tirelessly to keep up with the evolving demands of our school community, and they do so with ease and grace. The Community League never hesitates to answer our calls or respond to our requests as they continually find creative ways to offer support, even if they have met their quota for the month.

The Community League is a group of exceptional individuals rooted in service to others. Their desire to help those in need is evident in all they do and is why we would like to recognize this organization as a Friend of Education. Thank you, Community League of Menomonee Falls, for your continued support and all you do for our students, families, and our school community.

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