The School District of Menomonee Falls starts its fiscal year on July 1. The budget for the School District of Menomonee Falls is voted on by the community in September of each year at the Annual Meeting and provided to our municipality in November. In December, the board begins working on budget priorities for the coming year. The annual budget is not officially adopted until October of each year, because the major factors that impact the budget development (i.e. revenue limit calculation, final equalization aid, equalized property values and student enrollment) are not available until October of each year.

Budget Goals & Priorities:
  • Improve student achievement and staff performance with continuous improvement focus in all divisions and levels
  • Ensure appropriate class size ratios and prioritize student programming for successful college and career transitions
  • Sustain efficient and effective operations in all divisions and levels
  • Focus resources on strategic improvement priorities
  • Safeguard the taxpayer’s investment through high organizational performance

Points of Pride

  • Multi-year budget planning and implementation of cost control strategies will continue to help provide for future financial stability.
  • Managed operations to end with a positive budget variance in the General Fund in 22-23
  • Independent financial audit opinion continues as unqualified (‘clean audit opinion’)
  • “Exceeds Expectations” on the DPI School District Report Card
  • Investments in our facilities such as ongoing maintenance,, summer deep clean and planned projects benefit students, CE&Rec programs and the community
The graphs below reflect SDMF's preliminary 2023-24 budget. The final 2023-24 budget and tax levy was approved on October 23, 2023.

Historical Budgets

2023-2024 Annual Meeting