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The School Board Policy Manual is intended to be a guide to action for the Administration. This document recognizes three types of policy:

  1. Policy which reflects the laws of the State of Wisconsin;
  2. Policy which is based on assumptions which are made about the future of our schools;
  3. Policy which must be formulated as need arises.

The following outlines the development of policies, as well as the process of carrying out policies through procedures by administrators and staff.

Initiating Policy

Policy proposals might be initiated from any source of the school district. Normally suggestions for policy will be referred directly to the Superintendent who will discuss the matter with the individual or group concerned. A first version of a policy will be drafted. The Policy Committee of the Board might also be a frequent initiator of policy and be regularly involved in a referral and communication role. And, of course, any Board member is encouraged to always be alert to policy needs.

Writing Policy

The superintendent/designee is normally the individual who translates the policy concept into policy language for consideration by the Board. The Wisconsin School Board Association, as well as legal counsel, may assist in the writing of policy.

Role of the Policy Committee & Full Board

The Board Policy Committee manages policy development. Policies are developed and reviewed in various Board Committees and then reviewed by the Policy Committee for recommendation to the full Board. A policy is considered at least twice prior to approval by the full Board.

Approval of Policy

After approval by the Board of Education, the policy is officially published in the online Board of Education Policy Manual.