Survey Results and Resources

The School District of Menomonee Falls is dedicated to creating a positive experience for all we serve. We are committed to listening and responding to your experiences with our organization to continuously improve our service to you.

DeliveredSurvey TitleResults AvailableDescription
JanuaryParent/Caregiver Experience SurveySpring 2024

Each year, our partners at Studer Education provide an opportunity for our school families to offer feedback anonymously through the Parent/Caregiver survey. Our school leaders and teachers review this feedback and use it to celebrate successes and develop action steps for improvement.

Student Experience SurveySpring 2024Time is provided during the school day for students in grades one and up to complete the Student Experience Survey, offered through our partner, Studer Education. No individual student names or personally identifiable information is collected; only the name of the student’s school is recorded.

Employee Experience SurveySpring 2024
MayCommunication SurveyJune 2024

Understanding the needs and preferences of our school community is essential to providing effective communication services that meet the expectations of our stakeholders. As an organization committed to continuous improvement, Falls Schools constantly strives to enhance our communication strategies, ensuring they align with the evolving needs of our school families and community. The annual spring Communication Survey covers various aspects of our communication channels, content, frequency, and delivery methods.