Facility Rental

The School District of Menomonee Falls facilities are available for rental to any responsible local organization for meetings and events.

  • All reservation requests must be submitted online with approved account
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required
  • Payment in full must be received prior to the event

First Time Requestors

In order to reserve a facility for the first time, you must complete the Facility Requestor Form and return it via email to CERD@sdmfschools.org.

Upon receipt of your completed Facility Requestor Form, an account will be created for your organization. Within two working days, an email will be sent to you including your login information, instructions on how to access the online room reservation system, and how to submit a reservation request.

Once your request has been received, you will be contacted by a school district representative with additional information regarding payment and Certificate of Liability Insurance requirement.

A reservation request is not valid until all requirements have been met and an approval has been sent to you.

Facility Requestor Form

School District of Menomonee Falls Facility Rental Fees

Submit Online Facility Reservation Request Here