CE&Rec offers seasonal adult leagues and year round open gym programming.

General Announcements

Upcoming sports returning team deadlines;

  • Winter Adult Volleyball Half Season Option- Friday, December 13.
  • Summer Adult Softball- Wednesday, February 5.
  • Summer Men's Basketball- Wednesday, April 15. (info posted in Dec)

Open Gym

Open Gyms

Open gyms are available year round for men's basketball and coed volleyball. You do not need to be a league player to attend. These programs regularly reach maximum capacity, players are accepted on a first come first served basis to those players who are dressed and ready to play.

$3 residents or $5 non residents per evening. Please bring exact change.

Coed Volleyball Open Gyms (ages 16+)

Men's Basketball Open Gyms (ages 18+)

Adult Basketball

Adult Softball

Adult Volleyball

Free Agents

Free Agents
If you are looking to participate in an adult league and don't have a team, please contact Dan Zeroth at 262-255-8460 or email to be added to our free agent list. Please include the following information;
  • your week night availability
  • which level of competition you are looking for (recreational or competitive)
  • phone number
  • email
Starting a team? Use the free agent list to fill any remaining holes in your lineup!

Adult Sports Policy

1 STATEMENT OF POLICY 1.01 The Menomonee Falls Community Education and Recreation Department (known as CE&Rec Department) expects managers, players, and sponsors to acquaint themselves with all rules and regulations of the CE&Rec Department. If at any time a question may arise, the team manager should contact the league coordinator or CE&Rec Department staff. Violation of league rules may bring serious penalties to a player, manager or team.

1.02 Policies and regulations governing the various programs and their administration shall be the responsibility of the CE&Rec Department and its Commission.

1.03 The CE&Rec Department reserves the right to make the final decision on any rules, situations, or occurrences pertaining to Adult League play. We reserve the right to revise these policies at any time, for any reason.

1.04 Per the CE&Rec Department’s refund policy, no refunds will be issued for adult and youth athletic leagues or club sports.



2.01 An adult is defined as a person age 18 or older.

2.02 A player that has been registered under the WIAA for a particular sport may participate as long as the sport is not in a current WIAA season.

2.03 A player of the opposite sex may participate in a gender specific league as long as a league for that gender is not offered. The CE&Rec Department must be notified when the team roster is submitted, and that player may be subject to specific rules pertaining to each sport.

Registration & Signup


3.01 Team paperwork, rules, and other league information will be posted on the CE&Rec Department website prior to the registration deadline. Copies are also available in the CE&Rec Department Office.

3.02 Teams are only officially registered when the team entry fee, accompanied by a completed contract, have been received by the CE&Rec Department Office.

3.03 A player is eligible to register with only one team, per sport, per night. The player will be considered a member of that team until officially released by the manager of that team. See Article VI. Player Release.

3.04 Each team must have a complete team roster submitted, showing a minimum number of players as required for each sport, to the CE&Rec Department Office prior to the first league night. Teams will receive a forfeit for every game that they do not have a completed roster or do not have the required number of players registered.

3.05 A manager is responsible playing only eligible players. A manager is also responsible for communication with the CE&Rec Department, for submitting completed team paperwork, and for ensuring proper payment for any fees associated with their team.

3.06 Only one person can be listed as manager of a team. Managers must have current contact information on file with the CE&Rec Department. Teams may have alternate contact person(s) listed for purposes of email correspondence.

3.07 When there is a change of manager, an official notice must be filed with the CE&Rec Department Office. Notice must include new manager’s name, address, telephone number, and email address.

3.08 Registration dates for each league are posted in the league information sheet.

Team Registration Priority


4.01 Priority of registration will be: A. Returning teams from the previous year B. Returning teams switching leagues C. New teams

4.02 Returning teams are defined as teams who participated in the league the previous year and who maintain the same manager or sponsor. If a team divides into two and both claim the returning team spot, priority of registration will be: A. Group with the same manager as previous year B. Group with the same sponsor as previous year C. Group with the majority of players who registered with that team the previous year

4.03 Returning teams who desire to transfer their team into another league should indicate preference when they register. Teams that are unable to be transferred will be placed in their previous league.

4.04 New teams will be awarded positions in a league where openings occur. Any remaining league openings are first come/first served until leagues fill or the season begins.

4.05 The CE&Rec Department reserves the right to transfer teams to other leagues, on the same night, to improve league structure or for competition reasons. No refunds will be issued to teams who are not placed in their desired league.

Player Registration


5.01 Team roster minimums are posted in the sport specific rules

5.02 Deadline for registering additional players for all sports is before the third week of the season. Prior to playing in a game, players must be listed on the team roster, and the appropriate fee must be paid to the CE&Rec Department Office.

5.03 Teams wishing to add players after the deadline, due to extenuating circumstances, must have prior approval from the CE&Rec Department.

5.04 All players participating in CE&Rec Department leagues must be registered to the appropriate team roster prior to participation.

Player Release


6.01 A player can not register with any other team, until officially released by the player’s current manager.

6.02 When a manager releases a player, an official release must be filed with the CE&Rec Department Office. Player’s officially released are free to register with another team.

Team Disbandment


7.01 The manager of a team that is disbanding during the season must notify the CE&Rec Department immediately. The remaining games shall then be credited to their scheduled opponents.

7.02 The CE&Rec Department will notify managers when a team has been dropped from a league.

League schedule, standings & awards


8.01 The CE&Rec Department will schedule league games according to available facilities and league size.

8.02 Managers will be notified when schedules are posted, and when changes occur.

8.03 Postponed or canceled games will be rescheduled at the discretion of the CE&Rec Department.

8.04 The number of games won and lost will determine placement in league standings. In the event teams are tied for any position, the following criteria will be used to determine placement in the final standings: A. If two (2) teams are tied for first place, a special playoff game/match will be scheduled whenever possible. If the CE&Rec Department determines that a playoff game is not possible, the tie breaker will be determined by the following: i Win-Loss percentage in head to head competition. ii Least amount of points given up among teams tied in common games played against each other. iii Greatest point differential among teams in common games against each other. iiii Coin toss. B. If three (3) teams are tied for first place, a special three (3) team playoff/match will be scheduled whenever possible. A random draw will be held to determine playoff/match opponents. If the CE&Rec Department determines that a playoff game is not possible, the tie breaker will be used. See 8.04

8.05 Awards will be provided for first place only.



9.01 The CE&Rec Department will provide officials for each league game. In the event a game official does not appear as scheduled, a registered official must be found, or the game will be canceled and rescheduled.

9.02 In the absence of a CE&Rec Department Coordinator or Supervisor, the officials will have final say at the game site on all decisions regarding playability of a game due to field conditions, weather, equipment, etc.

Uniforms & Equipment


10.01 Team Uniforms A. Basketball - All players must wear shirts of uniform color. Shirts must be numbered on front or back. (Minimum height 4 inches). B. Teams must designate uniform color on registration form.

10.02 All other sports - There are no uniform requirements, though coordinated uniforms are encouraged.

10.03 The wearing of marking soled shoes will not be allowed for indoor sports. For all outdoor sports, please see sport specific rules for shoe regulations.

10.04 Game Ball A. The CE&Rec Department will supply a minimum of one (1) game ball per scheduled league game. In the event of a damaged or lost ball, it is the responsibility of the home team or the team on offense to provide a replacement ball, approved by the official.

10.05 The CE&Rec Department does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items.



11.01 Refer to sport specific rules for grace periods at start of game.

11.02 A team forfeiting a game for any of the reasons listed below, will not only forfeit game, but will be dropped from the league unless a penalty fee is paid before the teams next scheduled game: A. Failure to have and maintain a minimum number of players as prescribed in the specific sport rules. B. Quitting in defiance of an official’s decision. C. Playing ineligible player for purpose of avoiding forfeiture. D. Extreme unsportsmanlike conduct.

11.03 Penalty fee will be $30 for all sports.

11.04 A team found guilty of having an ineligible player in the line-up, will have all games in which the ineligible player participated, forfeited to its opponents.

11.05 In the event that a team does not appear for a regularly scheduled game, under the impression that the game was canceled due to weather, and the supervisor declares the game could be played, the game will be awarded to the team appearing. If neither team appears, a double forfeit will be recorded.

11.06 A team that forfeits the last game of a season will not be eligible to register in any league until all penalty fees are paid.

Protest & Appeal


12.01 Protests will not be accepted on the Official’s judgment of a play.

12.02 A protest on an interpretation or violation of rules, or player eligibility must be made at the time of the incident by notifying the official in charge. In addition, written protest by team management must be filed with the CE&Rec Department Office by 4:30pm the end of the 2nd business day following the incident, along with a $25.00 deposit. If the protest is not upheld, the funds will remain with the CE&Rec Department. Burden of proof rests with the protesting team.

12.03 The CE&Rec Department reserves the right to check the eligibility of a player or team at any time.

12.04 Participants suspended shall have the right to appeal to the CE&Rec Department Office within 5 business days after the participant is notified of suspension. All appeal decisions are final.

Conduct & Disciplinary Action


13.01 Any player deemed illegal through non registration, falsification of identity, etc. may be suspended up to one (1) year. Any games in which the illegal player participated in will be forfeited.

13.02 The CE&Rec Department is a member of the South East Park and Recreation Council (SEPRC). The CE&Rec Department may agree to suspend player(s) in our leagues for severe violations in other SEPRC Department leagues.

13.03 Player(s) suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances by game officials or supervisors will not be allowed to participate and may be suspended from further play.

13.04 Tobacco or alcohol use is not allowed on School District of Menomonee Falls property.

13.05 Activities held at Village of Menomonee Falls property are subject to Village ordinances and regulations. Please be aware of all posted rules and regulations pertaining to each location. No alcohol consumption is allowed in Village Parks without permit. No alcohol is allowed in athletic field areas.

13.06 It is the responsibility of the manager to control the actions of team players at all times, to ensure that all roster requirements are satisfied, and players listed on the team roster are correct. In addition to the suspension of team player(s), the team manager may also be suspended up to one (1) year for team violations.

13.07 Managers, coaches, players and fans are responsible for their conduct from the time they reach the facility until the time they leave.

13.08 Any player, manager, coach, team scorer, or fan that strikes, or in any way lays a hand on or threatens a referee, supervisor, scorekeeper, or player will be suspended from participating in all league and CE&Rec Department activities for one (1) year. The CE&Rec Department reserves the right to issue a longer suspension if so determined.

13.09 The manager or designated captain shall be the only person to confer with an official on a disputed play. Such conferences will be kept to a minimum and must be conducted in a sportsmanlike manner. Constant arguing, harassment, or intimidation will not be tolerated.

13.10 There will be no swearing, foul language, inappropriate gestures, etc. used or directed towards officials, staff, fans, other players, or any person associated with the play area. The person/persons/team involved will be immediately ejected from the game and requested to leave the facility.

13.11 Any player, manager, coach, or team scorer ejected from a game will have two (2) minutes to leave the play area, or game will be forfeited to opponent. The ejected person is automatically suspended from the next played game or matches, and must leave the premises. The CE&Rec Department reserves the right to issue a longer suspension if so determined.

13.12 Officials will report ejected persons to the CE&Rec Department. Continued instances of unsportsmanlike behavior may lead to a suspension from all CE&Rec Department programs.

13.13 For penalties regarding technical fouls, see League Rules for Adult Basketball.

13.14 A team, player, or players that persist to make a game a farce/joke through deliberate actions deemed inappropriate for adult play (game delays, pranks, lack of hustle, trash talk, etc.), may be subject to suspensions from play. Game officials reserve the right to make decisions deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the program and report such incidents to the CE&Rec Department.

13.15 Supervision of youth - Players will be expected to have adequate supervision of their children if attending. Children must be accompanied by non-participating adults at all times, and must not be allowed to interfere with play. This is for the safety of both participants and spectators.

13.16 Any damage incurred due to equipment misuse will be charged to the person or persons involved. In addition, the CE&Rec Department reserves the right to suspend the persons involved from further play.



14.01 The Village and School District of Menomonee Falls have no coverage for injuries occurring to individuals through league play. The CE&Rec Department, nor any of its employees, are responsible for injuries a player sustains while participating in league play. Play at your own risk.

14.02 For program cancellations, please call our information line at 262-255-8376 after 4:30 p.m. Additional resources for cancellation notice include our website ( and social media sites ( or

The CE&Rec Department is not responsible to contact managers for inclement weather cancellations. If no notifications are posted, the decision to cancel programs will be made at the program sites. If the School District of Menomonee Falls cancels school or afternoon activities due to inclement weather, all CE&Rec programs are also canceled.

Revised 10/1994 Eligibility 11/1997 Revised 11/2004 Revised 11/2011 Revised 11/2012 Revised 2/2014 Revised 1/2015 Revised 12/2016 4/2017