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Curriculum & Learning

What does Curriculum & Learning Do?

The department of Curriculum & Learning not only oversees the development of course offerings in the district but also provides instructional coaching, personal development that aids in the improvement of classrooms and hosts our twice-annual Continuous Improvement site visits.

Our Vision


Pursuing excellence one student at a time

Our Mission


To build capacity in staff and purposefully implement and support effective educational practices that increase student learning.
As a group, to accomplish our mission we will support the district through:

  • Effectively utilizing the strengths of the team to meet goals
  • Systematically collaborating to increase effectiveness and capacity
  • Developing structures for advocacy and empowerment so that all students are successful academically and personally and have the skills to transition to their post-secondary plan and beyond
  • Utilizing data to align the system, PreK-12
  • Promoting a culture of improvement and learning

Our Beliefs


  • Teachers will perform optimally if they have the tools and strategies to do so.
  • “Students” learn at different rates and in different ways.
  • Professional growth should be continual for all adult learners.
  • Reflection drives continuous improvement.
  • Clear targets make a positive difference.
  • Goal setting matters.
  • Everyone plays a role.

Our Staff

Laura Alva Garcia

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Locations: District Office
Departments: Curriculum & Learning

Corey Golla

Titles: Director of Curriculum & Learning
Locations: District Office
Departments: Curriculum & Learning