Teacher/Administrator (Certified) Vacancies (Administrators, Nurse, Pupil Services, Substitute Teachers, Teachers, Teacher Leaders)

Support Staff Vacancies (Activities Advisors, Clerical, Coaching, Community Ed & Recreation, Custodial, Educational Assistants, Professional/Technical, School Nutrition)


If you are interested in applying for one of our opportunities, please submit your application materials through WECAN (Wisconsin Education Career Access Network). The School District of Menomonee Falls uses WECAN for ALL district openings and applications.

Click on the WECAN logo below to apply!

We do not accept application materials submitted to us outside of WECAN.


Work Permit

If you are under the age of 16, you will need a work permit for employment. Please download the work permit application form here. Please bring completed form to MFHS office, or SDMF District Office. Work permit application must be signed by parent/guardian and the minor must be present to sign the issued work permit.

The following items are required to obtain a work permit:

  • The minor's birth certificate or baptismal certificate with date of birth
  • The minor's original social security card or letter from Social Security Administration
  • Signed letter from employer explaining job duties and hours of work
  • Signed permission from parent
  • $10 permit fee (exact cash) payable by cash only
  • Please note the minor must be present to be issued a permit!

By law, the $10 fee for the permit must be reimbursed to the minor by the employer at the end of the first pay period.

Why work in "The Falls?"
If you're from Menomonee Falls, you just call it "The Falls." We're a Milwaukee Metro school district with a village-feel and big-city amenities. Our enrollment is nearly 4,000 students and we employ approximately 650 full and part time employees.

There are lots of qualities that makes our district unique, like our focus on continuous improvement and 45 day cycles to track and monitor progress, our work on plan, do, study, act in the classroom and the fact that we are one of only 17 districts in the state that also runs the community's recreation program which gives us the ability to offer even more enrichment programs to our children and community.

We know that great teachers and support staff make our classrooms places that prepare children for a profoundly different future and that's why we focus on building leadership, accountability and service into our employee training with partners like WCTC and Studer Group.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

It is the policy of the School District of Menomonee Falls that no person may be illegally discriminated against in employment by reason of their age, race, creed, color, disability, pregnancy, marital status, sex, citizenship, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, arrest record, conviction record, military service, membership in the National Guard, state defense force or any other reserve component of the military forces of Wisconsin or the United States, political affiliation, use or nonuse of lawful products off the employer's premises during nonworking hours, declining to attend a meeting or to participate in any communication about religious matters or political matters, the authorized use of family or medical leave or worker's compensation benefits, genetic information, or any other factor prohibited by state or federal law.

Reasonable accommodations shall be made for qualified individuals with a disability, unless such accommodations would impose an undue hardship on the District. A reasonable accommodation is a change or adjustment to job duties or work environment that permits a qualified applicant or employee with a disability to perform the essential functions of a position or enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment compared to those enjoyed by employees without disabilities.

Requests for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or under the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act from current employees must be made in writing in accordance with District policy.