Retiree Information

The School District of Menomonee Falls continues to offer a competitive retirement package to employees who meet eligibility.

2018 Retiree Benefits Guide Book

2019 Retiree Benefits Guide Book

2019 Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Below:

Benefits Information

Important Annual Notices

Health Plan

The District offers health plan coverage to eligible retirees per Early Retirement Language. The District continually evaluates the best options for cost and coverage. Retirees who are eligible under these benefits may remain enrolled per the language retired under.

If a retiree or dependent terminates off the District's health plan, they may not re-enroll. Retirees on the Closed Plan do have the option to enroll into the Active Plan at open enrollment time.

If you have questions regarding your Early Retirement Benefits please contact the HR Department at 262-255-8396.

All Retiree Plans

The District Partners with UMR, a third party administrator, who provides the network options and claims administration for members for the District.

2019 Summary Plan Description

Pharmacy Coverage

The School District of Menomonee Fall's health plan offers Prescription Drug coverage through Express Scripts, a third party Pharmacy Benefit Manager.

Manage your Prescription Drug needs online at

Express Scripts Customer Service: 888-848-4452

As prescription medication costs continue to increase, you may be searching for ways to lower your costs at the pharmacy. As a member, you have the ability to cost compare across pharmacies. Other resources are below.

  • $4 Walmart Drug List (get your meds for $4!)
  • Walgreens 90 day fill - If your prescription is on the list, you can get a 90 day supply at Walgreens and save some dollars
  • Mail Order - If your prescription is not available through the Walgreens 90 day fill, you can save dollars by enrolling into mail order

Tips and Tools

There are many resources available to assist members with their healthcare needs. Most importantly, make sure you register online at to access all the online services!

Life Coverage

The District offers Life Coverage to eligible retirees per Early Retirement Language.

The District maintains Beneficiary Information for the life coverage. If you need to update your Beneficiary Information on file, please complete the Beneficiary Designation Form.

Class 3 Certificate of Coverage -

Retirees who are paying life premium directly to the vendor, National Investment Services are included in Class 3. This is a closed class.

Class 4 Certificate of Coverage -

Class 4 is eligible Administrators who retired July 1, 2012 or after and eligible Professional/Technical employees retiring after July 1, 2013.

Class 5 Certificate of Coverage -

Class 5 is eligible Administrators retired prior to July 1, 2012 and eligible Professional/ Technical employees retired prior to July 1, 2013.