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Benefit Guide Books

Please see the Benefit Documents below for your reference. If you need assistance accessing or interpreting the documents, please contact Human Resources and we will assist you.

2019 Teacher/AdminAsst/Custodian/School Nutrition/YouthProg Supervisor/SchoolAge Supervisor Employee Benefit Guide

2019 Administrators/Professional/Technical Employee Benefit Guide

2019 Educational/Healthroom Assistant Employee Benefit Guide

Important Annual Notices

Request for Leave

Please refer to the Employee Handbook, Section 8 and Section 9, which outline the District's Leave Policies. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Beck at (262) 255-8396.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Requests

The Family Medical Leave Act entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.

Requests for FMLA may be submitted to, or via interoffice mail to Melissa Beck, HR Manager-Benefits.

Employee Request for FMLA

Non FMLA Requests

The request for time off immediately prior to or after a school recess period or holiday break will be considered for special circumstances. Approval of these requests is not based on the necessity of a substitute as all employees are essential to the success of our students.

If you are requesting time off, please complete the form below and forward it to your site supervisor for review. They will then forward it to the Human Resource Office.

Request for Personal Day / Unpaid Time Off

Request for Change to Benefit Elections

Employee's may request a change to their benefit elections outside of the annual open enrollment if they experience a Qualifying Life Event, such as marriage, death, divorce, birth, adoption, or loss of coverage.

It is the employee's responsibility to notify the Human Resource office within 30 days of the qualifying life event by completing and submitting the Request for Change form along with documentation of the Qualifying Life Event. If the change is not submitted within the 30 day window, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to make your changes. The District's annual open enrollment is held in the Fall with changes effective January 1st.

Please complete the form below and submit it to Melissa Beck at with the proper documentation.

Benefit Election Request for Change Form

Master's Degree Information for Certified Employees

Please complete this FORM to request review of a Master's Degree program by Human Resources and Curriculum & Learning. An approved request is required for compensation to be considered half-way through or at completion of the degree program. Thank you!

Approved programs:

  • Content Area
  • Counseling
  • Educational Leadership
  • Reading
  • Special Education
  • Technology

Approved Institutions:

  • All Universities in the University of Wisconsin System
  • All Big Ten Universities
  • Alverno College
  • Cardinal Stritch College
  • Carroll University
  • Concordia College
  • Edgewood College
  • Lakeland College
  • Marian College
  • Marquette University
  • Mount Mary College
  • National Louis
  • St. Norbert’s College
  • Silver Lake College

Workman Comp Injury Reporting

Please report any work related injury to your direct supervisor immediately. You will be provided with the yellow worker comp claim kit outlining instructions on how to report the injury and seek medical care.

Supervisor Investigation Report

Active Employee Benefits Information

Health Plan

The School District of Menomonee Falls offers comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage for its employees.

Medical Coverage

The District Partners with UMR, a third party administrator, who provides the network options and claims administration for members for the District.

2019 Summary Plan Description - Active Employees

2019 Summary of Benefits and Coverage - Active Employees

2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage - Active Employees

Pharmacy Coverage

The School District of Menomonee Fall's health plan offers Prescription Drug coverage through Express Scripts, a third party Pharmacy Benefit Manager. With a High Deductible Health Plan, members pay out of pocket for prescription costs.

You are able to manage your Prescription Drug needs by registering online at and accessing the cost compare tools.

If you have questions please contact Express Scripts Customer Service at 888-848-4452.

Other resources that you may find helpful to lower your prescription drug needs are below.

  • 100% Coverage for Preventive Medications (log on to your Express-Scripts account for the most up to date listing!)
  • $4 Walmart Drug List (get your meds for $4!)
  • Smart 90 Program - If your prescription is on the list, you can get a 90 day supply at Walgreens and save some dollars
  • Mail Order - If your prescription is not available through the Walgreens 90 day fill, you can save dollars by enrolling into mail order
  • Specialty Pharmacy - You will be notified if you prescription needs to be filled through this program

Tips and Tools

There are many resources available to assist members with their healthcare needs. Most importantly, make sure you register online at to access all the online services!

Health Savings Account

The District health plan is a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan. If an employee is enrolled in the health plan and is eligible, they may establish a Health Savings Account at a bank of their choosing.

An HSA works in conjunction with a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan (QHDHP). HSA dollars can be used to help pay for qualified medical expenses - such as deductible expenses- and out of pocket dental and vision expenses with pre-tax dollars.

The IRS sets the allowable calendar year contribution amounts every year. Below are the current maximum allowable contributions for a health savings account based on coverage level.

Coverage Level2019 Maximum2020 Maximum 55+ Catch Up

Opening your HSA

Funding your HSA

  • Direct Deposits may be made directly into the HSA account that you set up
    • Any deposits made into your HSA outside of payroll can be deducted off your gross income as a line item on your 1040 form
  • Pre-tax deductions may be set up through payroll
    • HSA Deduction Form - Please complete this form and return it to the payroll office with confirmation of your HSA account

  • Skyward Employee Access Check Estimator Tool

Flexible Spending Accounts

The District partners with Diversified Benefit Services to provide flexible spend account options for employees to set up pre-tax payroll deductions.

If you have questions regarding your Flexible Spend Accounts you may contact Diversified Benefit Services directly at 262-367-3300.

Flexible Spending Accounts

A Flexible Spending Account allows employees to elect to have monies taken out of their payroll check on a pre-tax basis in order to pay for out of pocket medical, dental and vision expenses that are qualified expenses.

The annual maximum amount an employee can elect is $2,700 based on a calendar tax year. This is a use it or lose it benefit, therefore, if you do not incur claims within the plan year of your election, you will forfeit all but $500 of the remaining monies.

2019 Summary Plan Description

2019 Summary of Material Modification

Flexible Spending Account

Limited Purpose FSA

NEW for 2019! If enrolled in a Health Savings Account(HSA), employees may choose to participate in a Limited Purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA) option. While the HSA can be used for medical, prescription drugs, dental and vision expenses, the LPFSA can only be used for dental and vision expenses.

The annual maximum amount an employee can elect is $2,700 based on a calendar tax year. This is a use it or lose it benefit, therefore, if you do not incur claims within the plan year of your election, you will forfeit all but $500 of the remaining monies.

Limited Purpose FSA

Dependent Care Accounts

A Dependent Care Account allows employees to elect to have monies taken out of their payroll check on a pre-tax basis in order to pay for dependent daycare needs.

The annual maximum amount an employee can elect is $5,000 based on a calendar tax year. This is a use it or lose it benefit, therefore, if you do not incur the expenses within the plan year of your election, you will forfeit any monies leftover.

Dependent Care Account

Filing a Claim

Claims must be filed directly with Diversified Benefit Services. You are able to file a claim online, via fax, mail or their mobile app.

Funds from a flexible spending account are accessible up front. Dependent care expenses, are only dispersed as the funds are credited to your account.

Click Here for more information on these options.

If you have a Debit Card, please review the following information on how to properly use your Debit Card.

Debit Card FAQ's

Debit Card Substantiation

Dental Plan

The District partners with Delta Dental to provide employees and their families with comprehensive dental coverage.

To search for providers, review benefits and more, please log on to

Vision Plan

The District partners with Delta Dental to provide employees and their families comprehensive vision coverage through EyeMed.

To search for providers please log on to the EyeMed Vision Care site or contact customer service at 844-848-7090.

Life Coverage

The District partners with Reliance Standard to provide life coverage to eligible employees and their families.

The District maintains Beneficiary Information for the life coverage. If you need to update your Beneficiary Information please complete the Beneficiary Designation Form and return it to the Human Resource Office.


The District provides life coverage to all eligible administrators and professional/technical staff in the amount of 2x the annual base salary to a maximum of $400,000.

Certificate of Coverage

All Other Eligible Employees

The District provides life coverage to all other eligible employees in the amount of 1x the annual base salary to a maximum of $200,000.

Certificate of Coverage

Voluntary Life Options

If an employee is eligible for the District provided life coverage, they may also choose to enroll themselves or their family members in additional voluntary life coverage. This coverage is subject to the terms of the carrier and may be subject to underwriting.

Supplemental Life Enrollment Form

Supplemental Life Rate Sheet

Disability Coverage

The District partners with Madison National Life to provide you with income replacement should you become disabled and unable to work due to a non-work related illness or injury. The District provides eligible employees with long-term disability income benefits at no cost. Short-term disability is voluntary and enrollment is optional.

Long-Term Disability

Long-Term disability benefits are provided by the District to eligible employees. The benefit kicks in on the 60th calendar day of being off of work and pays 66 2/3 of the monthly gross income, not to exceed $10,556 per month.

Sick leave pay will cease effective the first day long-term benefits begin.

Certificate of Coverage - All Active Eligible Employees

Voluntary Short-Term Disability

The District offers the option for eligible employees to enroll in a voluntary short-term disability plan. The short-term disability plan will begin on day 1 for an accident and day 7 for an illness and pay out the weekly benefit amount elected at time of enrollment.

Short-term disability will pay out in conjunction with sick leave pay.

Maternity benefits are considered as an illness and will therefore pay out after 7 days up to a maximum of 6 weeks for a regular birth and 8 weeks for a C-section.

If you did not enroll in the coverage initially, you may enroll at a later date by completing the Evidence of Insurability Form and forwarding this to the HR Office.

Certificate of Coverage

File a Claim

If you need to file a claim, the following forms must be completed by yourself and your treating provider. Please notify the HR office as well. You can complete the forms below, or online at

Employee's Statement

Attending Physician's Statement

Online Claim Filing Instructions

Employee Assistance Program

Sometimes life can be challenging. That’s why the District provides an employee assistance program (EAP) to all eligible employees -- at no cost to you. The EAP is designed to provide prompt, confidential help with a range of personal and family issues that may affect all of us from time to time.

A 24-hour toll-free telephone line staffed by professional counselors is an option when you want to talk to someone anonymously or if you feel the situation warrants a professional counselor.

Optum EAP Information can be found online as well through the Live and Work Well sponsored site.

Retirement Savings Plan

All employees of the School District of Menomonee Falls are eligible to participate in the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan. Employees can choose to set up a 403(b) or 457 with any of the District's three approved vendors.

SDMF Retirement Savings Plan Options

Salary Reduction Agreement - Once you have established your retirement savings account please complete this form and return it to the Payroll Office.

WRS - Wisconsin Retirement System

Employees working in WRS covered positions who are regularly scheduled to work 1200 or more hours in a rolling 12 month period are eligible for membership in the State retirement plan known as WRS. If eligible, employee participation in mandatory. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the Payroll Department.

Effective January 1, 2019, the required contribution is 6.55% of the employee's gross income and the District will match the contribution at 6.55%.

For questions on your WRS benefits, please contact them directly at (877) 533-5020.

Health and Wellness Information