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Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! The School Nutrition Department is excited to be bringing both locally and regionally produced foods to your students at breakfast and lunch through our “Farm to School” campaign! Together with your students, we will experience fresh, healthy foods, learning activities and food-related education that celebrate the foods we eat every day!

Lunch & Breakfast Questions

What are the lunch prices?

Grades K-5 Hot Lunch $2.50

Grades 6-8 Hot Lunch $2.85

Grades 9-12 Hot Lunch $3.10

Reduced $0.40

Adult Lunch $3.80

Milk $0.40

What are the breakfast prices?

Grades K-5 Cold Breakfast $1.65

Grades 6-12 Cold Breakfast $1.70

Grades 9-12 Hot Breakfast $2.00

Reduced $0.00

Adult Breakfast $2.65

Milk $0.40

What's on the menu?

We've moved our menus to Nutrislice. It's a great way to view and download calendar menus as well as check out nutritional values and filter out allergens.

Ala Carte Questions

When can students have ala carte?

At the elementary schools, ala carte items such as the extra entrée and juice box are available. North Middle School and the High School have many more ala carte choices available, including healthy snack options. If your account has a negative balance, ala carte purchases will not be permitted to be charged to your account. If your student is not blocked from ala carte purchases, your account will be charged if these items are taken. Please fill out the “Ala Carte Restriction Form” to prevent these purchases.

What if I don't want my student to have ala carte?

You'll have to fill out this ala carte restriction form that will keep your student from purchasing extra items with your lunch account.

Online Account & Fee Payment Questions

How do I access my lunch account?

To access your family lunch account online, go to your school’s website. On the left hand side of the page, click “Menus & Online Payments”. This is the link to the School Nutrition web page. Click on “Prices & Payments” and then the “Family Lunch Account Information” link. The first time you log in, you will need your Family Key to register with Wordware, the Lunch Cashier System. Call 262-250-6462 to request your Family Key. Once you have registered with Wordware, use your email address and password you created to log in. We will never know your password, so please write it down! This site shows your balance, deposits, detailed statement of what your children are eating and lets you set your own low balance email notification level. The lunch and breakfast menus and nutritional information are also on the School Nutrition’s web page.

How do I pay lunch fees?

Parents/guardians can make online lunch account payments. Directions are found on your school’s website under “Menus & Online Payments”. Click on “Prices & Payments” and then the “Family Lunch Account Information” link. There is a $3.00 convenience fee for online payments.

Parents/guardians can also pay by check. Checks should be made payable to Menomonee Falls School Nutrition and can be mailed to the attention of the School Nutrition Department, Menomonee Falls High School, N80 W14350 Titan Dr, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051. Please remember to put your Family ID number on the check. If the family name is different than the student’s name, please also write the student’s full name on the check as well.

Please do not send cash payments.

If the cash gets lost, it is very difficult to track down. All Payments can be sent to school with your student. Your student can give the payment to the school secretary in the front office or to a School Nutrition employee in the cafeteria. Only at the High School do we accept cash for purchases for both hot lunch and ala carte items. We do not accept cash in the hot lunch lines at any of the other schools. We would like to recommend depositing $25 or more per student at a time. Please note that our office requires a minimum of two business days to record payments.

What happens if I have a low or negative lunch balance?

Families with an e-mail address in the lunch account will be notified by email when the account falls below $10, per default, or as adjusted by the family. Depending on the number of students in your account and if your student purchases ala carte items, it is possible your lunch account could go from a positive to a negative balance in one day.

If you would like a higher low balance level than $10, you can change your setting in Wordware under “Family Account” then “Change Settings – Notifications”. In addition, an automated phone call will go home to families on a regular basis. There are two separate messages. One to accounts that have a balance of $10 per student, and one informing a family their account has fallen into the negative.

Families with a cell phone number in the lunch account will also be notified by text when the account falls below $10, per default.

If you are not receiving these notifications, please contact us in the School Nutrition Department at 262-250- 6462. It is the responsibility of the family to keep their lunch account in the positive and for paying off any negative balances in a timely manner.

The District may utilize the services of a collection agency, credit bureau and/or legal counsel to secure collection on unpaid debts not paid within 30 days of notification, unless an alternative payment plan has been reached. Any costs incurred by the District, in collecting negative balances, may be added to the unpaid debt due to the District.

Did my lunch ID change?

Your family ID number will remain the same year after year. Student and staff lunch ID numbers will also remain the same year after year.

How do we meet nutritional guidelines?

The School District of Menomonee Falls follows the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs in which all grains contain 51% whole wheat; weekly saturated fat is less than 10% of the total calories; and menu offerings contain zero trans-fat (this excludes naturally occurring fats). We also offer a variety of milks including 1% white and fat free white, chocolate and strawberry. Every day at each school, we offer to all hot lunch students, a Garden Bar that includes beans, composed salads and an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables!

What is Free & Reduced?

Families who are having financial difficulties are encouraged to apply for the Free/Reduced Meal Program offered throughout our district. These benefits are completely confidential. Only one Free & Reduced form per family is needed.

An online application can be found on our School Nutrition web page under Free & Reduced Information. Please note that families must be a registered Wordware user in order to access the online application.

You may also print a Free & Reduced application or request an application from your school. Please send it to the School Nutrition Department at the High School where it will be processed. Free and reduced students receive breakfast at no charge. In order to receive the free or reduced benefit, they must take a complete breakfast or 3 of 4 offered meal components.

Free and reduced students must also take a complete hot lunch to receive the free or reduced benefits or 3 of 5 offered meal components. If a complete meal is not taken, each meal component will be charged at the ala carte pricing at your expense.

Free and reduced families will be charged $.40 for milk if the student brings a cold lunch or you can supply your own drink. If your family receives public assistance, you may already be directly certified for free lunch through the state. We will mail a notification letter to you if you qualify for Direct Certification in which no paper application will be needed from your family.

What if I want my student to have a school lunch on a field trip?

School Nutrition can still provide lunch to students on field trips. Please fill out this request form at least 10 working days prior to the field trip date.