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On-Site Counseling Center @ MFHS

Menomonee Falls High School is pleased to announce an important new collaboration to better meet the entire health needs of our students. We have chosen, Clinical Psychology Associates (CPA) to open a counseling center branch office located inside the Student Service’s office of Menomonee Falls High School. The CPA office will run independently of the school and access to the services will go through CPA, not the school district.

We could not be more excited about this collaborative relationship. Our district recognizes that unless emotional well-being is present, a student’s educational experience can be compromised, and we want to bring that service directly into the school.

If you feel your child is struggling with managing his/her emotions, anxiety, stress, or is often in a depressed mood, consider taking advantage of this professional counseling opportunity. Therapy can provide tools to help your child better deal with the complications and challenges that can occur during adolescence.

Clinical Psychology Associates’ therapists will be on-site and available to schedule appointments with your child during his/her school day. Appointments will be scheduled at times that will provide the least amount of interference to his/her school day. Payment for services will be via your family’s health insurance or an out-of-pocket rate.

To ask questions or begin the process of starting therapy, contact Clinical Psychology Associates by calling or texting 262.975.0012.

Meet the CPA Therapists at MFHS

Joy Hartman, MSW, LCSW- Joy has worked with teens and families for over twenty-five years. She is committed to finding the strengths in every student. She helps students use those strengths to better understand and manage the complicated emotions and stresses of high school. Joy uses humor and a laid back approach when connecting with teens and families. Feel free to direct any questions to:

Candace Wendlick, MSW, LCSW- Adolescent specialist Candace makes sure to create an open, non-judgmental, compassionate, and safe space for every student. Candace has extensive experience working with teens and families who have a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. Candace’s style is warm and flexible in order to do the work your teen needs to do. Feel free to direct any questions to: