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Dr. Patricia Fagan Greco

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Dr. Patricia Fagan-Greco

Dr. Patricia Fagan-Greco

Departments: Superintendent

Dr. Pat Greco is the superintendent of schools for the School District of Menomonee Falls.

Our school system has a strong tradition of excellence, and this team is focused on being best in class among the nation’s schools. The full staff is quality trained in customer service tools and continuous improvement tactics. The core commitments are to both service and excellence. The district performance is at an all time high.

The Village of Menomonee Falls has been ranked among the best small towns in the nation. The School District has been named as a Top Work Place in SE Wisconsin. The Carnegie Foundation at Stanford University selected Menomonee Falls as a national case study focused on the use of quality tools and processes to improve student performance and the commitment to the culture of excellence.

Pat received her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in 1995. She has been recognized as an instructional leader and advocate for student learning at the state and national level. An innovative leader nationally, she is a member of the Education Research and Development Institute, serves with AASA Digital Consortium, and the Carnegie Foundation with a focus on Improvement Science Research. Pat’s work has been nationally and internationally published.

Pat was recognized as Educator of the Year by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, by State and National PTA for Elementary School of the Year as an elementary principal, and received the Educational Influence Award from Wisconsin ASCD for her advocacy for children and strong public policy. Pat has dedicated her professional service to organizations committed to impacting strong learning outcomes for both students and educators.

What makes our Falls Schools different?

Menomonee Falls Schools have a strong tradition of excellence and a remarkable promise for the future.

Everyday we look forward to working with our students, families and community members. Expectations for performance have never been higher for our students and staff. We are fully committed to continued improvement for every member of our team. Our community can be proud of the results. We are on a journey to being best in class.

Our student performance is at record high levels. We continue to rank the top in the county with the number of students taking college-level articulated classes with Waukesha County Technical College. Our ACT participation is at an all time high. Our student, parent and staff satisfaction ratings are high. Financially we are strong. Our Aa2 bond rating ranks us 17th in the state of 425 school districts in being fiscally strong. We balanced our budget while losing nearly 15 percent in state and federal aid, and we have been strong stewards with our taxpayers keeping our levy rate declining.

The strength of our schools rests within our people and our programming. We commit to continuous improvement in all departments, in all schools, and in each classroom.

Our team of teachers, staff members, and leaders are focused on increasing the quality of our results. Our students and families are dependent on our ability to prepare students well for college and technical programming after high school. Our community and our state are dependent on our ability to prepare each student to engage well in a rapidly changing economy. The challenge is significant. Our commitment is high.

Our strategic work is focused on strengthening our ability to connect with each learner, personalize the learning experience, and maximize our ability to connect all available resources to become innovators within public education. While not easy, we stand committed to improve upon what we do each day to work with our students as we all learn, grow, lead and succeed.

We are proud of our programming and our people. Our early learning center, our strength in literacy, our advanced and technical programming, our commitment to music and the arts, the engagement of our students in athletics, leadership and co-curricular offerings, our connection with community education and recreation, parent associations at each school, and student travel abroad demonstrate our deep tradition of excellence. Our innovation is demonstrated in our staff leadership in technology, Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering Program, business and career connections, and our career academies in Health Care and Business to highlight just a few.

Our team takes the responsibility of personalizing learning for our students very seriously. While we have areas to continue to improve and much work ahead of us, we are positioned well for the future.

Our goal is to be service driven, learner centered, and focused on creating a remarkable future.

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