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If you have a student in grades 1-12, you may have already received information through a school district email about your child’s 2021-22 Chromebook login & password. The student password is now also in the PowerSchool parent portal. These passwords will also be shared with students at school. The PowerSchool parent portal for all families the first week of school.

This year, your child has a second option to log into their Chromebook using a QR code picture that will be issued to all students in grades 1-12 during the school Chromebook checkout.

To login with the QR code:

  1. Turn on Chromebook
  2. When login information is requested, hold the QR code picture toward the Chromebook camera
  3. The Chromebook will automatically log the student into the Chromebook without the student typing anything

QR Code Login to Chromebook

The student may print additional copies of the QR code if they want multiple copies or if you as a parent/guardian would like access to your child’s Chromebook to view school information. Your child’s teacher will show the student how this is done.

Students/Parents/Guardians who have cell phones may also take a picture of the QR code (To login, point the QR picture toward the Chromebook and it will log in the student).

If your child feels their password (or QR code) has been compromised, they should notify their teacher (elementary) or go to the school help desk in the library (North, High School). IT will then change the password, and a new unique QR code will be issued to the student.

More information about QR codes is available in the Tech Support Hub under Parent on the district website.

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