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Transition (18-21)

What is the Transition Program?

Transition Services include those services provided by Menomonee Falls Public Schools’ Special Education Department designed to prepare and support students with disabilities through the transition process. Outcomes may include, but are not limited to: Self-determination, self-advocacy, vocational training, employment, recreation & leisure, post-secondary education and independent living.

Our Values

We value each student’s unique characteristics, talents, interests, and desires, and the potential in every individual to achieve personal success and overcome barriers, whether real or perceived.

Our Mission


To provide the highest quality in transition support services to students with disabilities, with a focus on developing each student’s skills, understanding of preferences, interests, and developing self-determination, self-advocacy skills necessary for successfully achieving their post-secondary goals.

Our Vision


Engage and empower students with disabilities, to achieve their full potential. At the same time, the greater community will become engaged in finding ways to provide meaningful opportunities for students to achieve their life’s goals. It is in influencing these critical connections--between students, the school, support systems, and community--the mission will be achieved.

How we serve students

Key Services

  • Assisting students in identifying a postsecondary vision for themselves based upon their interests, abilities and personal goals,
  • Assisting students in identifying their transition related support needs and systems, and in planning for their transition,
  • Identifying and guiding students toward appropriate instructional opportunities so they may acquire the skills necessary for post-secondary goals,
  • Providing opportunities for career awareness and career exploration,
  • Supporting students in finding resources for developing appropriate work behaviors and marketable job skills,
  • Facilitating linkages with adult services, vocational training and post-secondary education providers,
  • Building relationships in the community to increase post-secondary opportunities for students with disabilities.

If you are interested in placing a student in our Transitional Program, please contact Program Director Julie Mlagan.