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Teachers are part of one of the largest professions in the country, with more than 3.1 million teachers across the United States. In the Educator Academy, our goal is to reach those who have future aspirations in the area of education. Although teachers are what people first think of when they hear the word educators, there are so many more aspects to what a career in education can mean. The Educator Academy was developed to help promote careers in education and encourage students to explore the different paths a degree in education can lead them.

The Educator Academy integrates academic, technical and 21st century skills to provide students a comprehensive understanding of careers in the area of education, real classroom experiences as a teacher, as well as providing the additional knowledge and skills needed for higher level schooling for education-related careers.

Emphasis is on the importance of project, service, and work-based learning experiences. The rigorous and challenging content of the Educator Academy lends itself to a variety of instructional strategies including real life applications, use of technology to enhance student learning, and cooperative learning. The Educator Academy curriculum is competency-based, utilizing learner-centered instruction that provides opportunities for students to learn skills necessary for a career path in education.

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