Instructions for current students to send a transcript to a college or university:

If you are applying to a Common App School, please make an appointment with your School Counselor and be sure to follow the extra highlighted steps below.

  1. Log in to High School Family Connections, enter in our zip code: 53051
  2. Your username and password is the same as your network login. a. Username: 4/3, plus the last 2 digits of your Student ID b. Password: Student ID number
  3. Click on ‘colleges I am applying to’ (left hand side of screen, under ‘my colleges’)
  4. COMMON APP ONLY: You must complete the common app matching box (blue) by filling in your email. Note- you must have already started your Common APP account in order to do this.
  5. Select ‘+ add to this list’ Or ‘add colleges to my list’ (very small, middle of the screen).
  6. Select the type of application you are submitting (early decision, early action, regular decision, etc). Most schools in WI are Regular Decision.
  7. Check the box that says ‘request transcript’.
  8. Use the ‘Lookup’ tool to find the college you want your transcript sent to or type in the name.
  9. Check box if you have already submitted your application. It is recommended that you submit application before you send transcript.
  10. Select “add colleges” at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget this important step!!
  11. COMMON APP ONLY: If you are applying using The Common Application, you must only submit Letters of Recommendation through Family Connection.
  12. COMMON APP ONLY: If your school has the option to do common app or non-common app, you must indicate if you are using common app or not. See below. Click on ‘How are you applying?’