Points of Pride

Middle School Students

At North Middle School we pride ourselves on on being kind and respectful to each other. We strive each day to be better than the day before and it shows in our data and accolades.



Almost all of our students are on track to graduate. 98% of North students are receiving passing grades on their core classes.

96 Percent

North Middle School has an average attendance rate of 96 Percent! That means students are in their seats each and every day, ready to learn!

94 Percent Down

Our students are making better choices when they're at school. Since 2013, suspensions have been down 94 percent thanks to positive behavior intervention programs.


PBIS Award

North Middle School has been named a PBIS School of Distinction for Behavior. This means that we're recognized for our positive, culture-building initiatives that encourage students to be kind and respectful!

Top Workplace

North Middle School took on the Kindness Challenge and won!

Advanced Ed Logo

North Middle School is accredited through Advanced ED. It means we've done a great job with continuous improvement in the classroom in driving quality.

State Report Card

North Middle School was rated as "Exceeds Expectations" on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's state report cards. With a score of 77 overall, our students are greatly exceeding in English Language Arts and On-Track and Postsecondary Readiness.

Find copies of our report cards here.