Arts & Activities

North Arts and Activities

North Middle School offers a multitude of enriching extra-curricular opportunities that build leadership, conflict resolution and creative skills. Our arts and activities offerings are geared towards providing children the opportunity to explore their passions.


Q: Who all needs to register?
A: EVERY STUDENT INVOLVED in any co-curricular activity including: Clubs, student council, play/ musical participants including crew. The following activities do NOT require registration: Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, WEB Leaders.

Q: How much does it cost the student?
A: The activity fee remains the same as the last several years at $20 per student per school year. Each family will pay the $20 online with each of their children's first activity registration. They are then free to register for anything else online at no extra charge for the remainder of the school year.

Q: Is this the same online registration that MFHS and NMS already use for athletics?
A: So glad you asked! Yes. Families will have ONE account to use for all sports and clubs for all the children in the household. If the student registering for a club has ever done a sport here at MFHS or last year at North, they already have an account and all the demographic info will auto-fill.

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Other Activities Available

The following activities do not require online registration.