Welcome to the North Middle School Athletics website. You can find information on the Sports offered, the seasonal calendar, and the online registration process here. You can also visit each sport's page for more detailed information.

Registration Information

Sports Calendar & Coaching Staff

Start Date Coach
Cheer (6-8) September nmscheercoaches@gmail.com
Dance (6-8)Summer dance.nms@gmail.com
Cross Country ( 6-8 ) September 6 Anna Kenkel
Nerrissa Phillips-Murray
Girls Basketball (7-8 ) September 6 Alex Swanson - 7th Gr

Luke Langer - 8th Gr.

Winter Sports
Boys Basketball (7-8 ) November 6 TBD - 7th Gr
TBD - 8th Gr
WrestlingNovember 6 Cole Boram
Travis Brigham
Girls Volleyball (7-8 )January 29 Shelly Wolfe - 7th Gr
Kristin Stein - 8th Gr
Swimming February 12 Dave Dorak
Spring Sports
Track & Field ( 7-8 )April 3 Dan Conroy