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The School District of Menomonee Falls welcomes family and community member volunteers to support our students and staff throughout the year. Volunteer opportunities exist throughout the District. Volunteers provide supervision on field trips, plan school community events, offer fundraising and donation support, and actively engage in classrooms to support student learning. We appreciate our volunteers for the thousands of hours of service, and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised in support of our students, programs and schools. Thank you!

Effective May 15, 2020, SDMF has implemented an online volunteer application and background check process. To ensure the safety of our students, all volunteers are required to have an approved criminal background check prior to volunteering.

Background checks are required for any volunteer (including parents) who meets any of the following criteria:

• Volunteer will have unsupervised contact with students
• Volunteer has a regular or ongoing assignment at the school
• Volunteer will be off campus with students in an unsupervised situation, including chaperoning field trips
• Volunteer is a mentor to a student or group of students
• Volunteer is a coach or club advisor

Volunteer with Falls Schools

There are many opportunities for which you can volunteer within our schools. You can become a member of our PTO/PTA or booster organizations, you can assist with athletic teams or in classrooms, chaperone field trips, or help within the schools themselves as well as other activities and clubs. Please inquire with the Principal of the building or our senior volunteer supervisor for possible opportunities where your services can be utilized.