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Volunteer Opportunity: Reader's Cafe

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The School District of Menomonee Falls appreciates your desire to become a volunteer and acknowledges the value of time and commitment of service. It is our hope that our volunteers will join in a partnership with the School District of Menomonee Falls to assist, guide, and work productively together to provide a quality educational experience for our students.

Volunteering with the District


There are many opportunities for which you can volunteer within our schools. You can become a member of our PTO/PTA or booster organizations, you can assist with athletic teams or in classrooms, chaperone field trips, or help within the schools themselves as well as other activities and clubs. Please inquire with the Principal of the building or our senior volunteer supervisor for possible opportunities where your services can be utilized.

We partner with ERA Senior Network for programs like Reader's Cafe and Pen Pals. If you're a senior and wish to volunteer in the district, contact coordinator Dawn Hinton.

Rights to Privacy

During your time as a volunteer you may be given access to certain information about students and staff. The U.S. Congress has enacted the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that ensures that our volunteers need to be mindful of confidentiality and ensure that they do not share or discuss any information or facts that they see or hear at school with others. Confidentiality is very important to maintain the integrity of our students and parents.

Application Process

If you are a volunteer with our District, we ask that you fill out the attached Volunteer Application annually. This application along with a copy of your government issued photo ID must be turned into your student's school or to the Menomonee Falls District Administrative Office located at Wl56 N8480 Pilgrim Road. Once we have the required documents, we will complete a background check.

By completing the application, you are providing us with permission to complete the background check in order to appropriately evaluate the volunteer opportunities that may be available: This may include, but is not limited to, a review of sex offender registries, child abuse and criminal history records. Upon approval, you will be placed on the district approved volunteer list. We ask that you allow one week for processing your application. The District reserves the right to complete an updated background check at any time and will alter opportunities available should it be deemed necessary to ensure our students and staff remain in a safe and healthy environment.

District Volunteer Opportunities Letter

Volunteer Application