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The mission of Shady Lane Elementary School is . . .
Shady Lane is a visionary school, that values each person and with a united effort, provides a quality education which prepares our students to be responsible, confident, lifelong learners.

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The entire Shady Lane School community works together making Shady Lane a caring and enriching environment for children. With the support of staff and parents, Shady Lane students get involved in many academically and socially rewarding activities. With high expectations, outstanding teachers and wonderfully supportive parents Shady Lane School is a great place to be. Come visit us!

Meet Mr. Hoffman!

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Our Points of Pride

How we build culture

Shady Lane Elementary School has a long tradition of providing its students with many wonderful academic and social learning opportunities. We are proud of the many ongoing activities such as:

  • Citizenship Program
  • After School Sports
  • Variety Show
  • Family Science Night
  • Art a-la Carte
  • Student Vocal Concerts
  • Kid’s Choice Day

Our Test Scores

Shady Lane was rated as "Exceeds Expectations" on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's state report cards. With a score of 82.8, we're just .2 shy of meeting "Significantly Exceeds Expectations." Overall, our students are greatly exceeding in English Language Arts & Mathmatics, School Growth and On-Track and Postsecondary Readiness.

Find copies of our report cards here.

Our Awards & Accolades


Shady Lane is a PBIS School of Distinction in both behavior and academics. We take pride in our school and it shows by being kind, respectful and ready to learn!

Our staff work hard everyday to provide an enriching culture to our students so that they feel supported and included.